SERVICE INFORMATION Stonick Recruitment Incorporated has been helping media outlets bill substantial revenue from recruitment and retention advertising since 1989. These are all non-traditional dollars that previously have been earmarked for: newspaper; job fairs; trade magazines; etc. and are now showing up on early week (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) media.What does the word "substantial" translate into? Successful markets now bill over $2,000,000 a year!

    The annual program begins with a five hour recruitment training session. During the session, the attendees receive: a comprehensive workbook; over 200 success letters; sample scripts; on-air promos; web site recruitment knowledge; rate package formulation; and much more.

    About thirty to forty-five days later, a highly trained Stonick Recruitment representative will return to your market to host a seminar for the local Human Resource people in your city. These seminars, which last 2 hours, are normally attended by 20-150 companies. It's like making 20-150 calls in two hours. Three 2-day visits are included with each annual agreement as well as a five hour comprehensive training session which kicks off the program.

    Additionally, salespeople have access to us through our phone consultancy. They can call with questions, problems, ideas, successes or help in script writing.

    Finally, the specialist and management team will receive a "Weekly E-Lert." This is a weekly update that shows our travel schedules, the latest sales, new recruitment and retention information, sample creative scripts, and "script tracker" which details every new ad that was written that week.

    In order to better serve our clients, we work with a limited number of markets each year. Usually, 50-75% of the current markets do renew. Market exclusivity is guaranteed for the period of the contract.